Protest Against New Year Worship before Yasukuni Jinja(Shrine) by Koizumi

投稿日時 2004-1-4 14:00:00 | トピック: 靖国問題

Protest Against New Year Worship before Yasukuni Jinja(Shrine) by Koizumi under Despaching Japanese Troops to Iraq !

Prime Minister Koizumi performed first-visit-in-the-year-to-a-shrine" worship on January 1 (New Year's Day), 2004. He had committed himself to worship to Yasukuni Jinja in the Liberal Democratic Party presidential election in April, last year. He has been to worship at Yasukuni 4 times since he became a prime minister.
Yasukuni Jinja is the religious institution which deifies the people who were killed in the once wars of aggressions by Japan to Asian countries, praises the dead and wars, and hunts up people to the battlefield.

The Koizumi Administration has supported the Iraq war of aggression led by the U.S. Forces. It determined assistance of a total of 5 billion dollars in cooperation with US military occupation policy, and opted for sending troops of the Self-Defense Forces further. Yasukuni worship corresponds with such policy of the government.

Based on the "Iraq Reconstruction Support Act", the advance dispatch party of the Air Self Defense Force was sent to Kuwait and Qatar on December 26, last year. And the Koizumi Administration is making the preparations for carrying out full-scale sending troops on this January and February.

The incident in which two Japanese diplomats who had touched the
military occupation administration in Iraq directly under the governmental (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) plan were murdered with the Lebanonese driver occurred on November 29, last year. Nevertheless, the Koizumi Administration insisted "don't yield to terrorism", and "succeed the victims' will" obstinately, and has prepared sending troops to Iraq. The Koizumi Administration has built sending-troops regime, praising the "dead" in a battlefield and carrying out political use of the "dead", in order to participate in a military occupation without justification.

Prime Minister Koizumi asserted and justified his worship for "good
luck to peace". It is the logic befitting with Koizumi who claimed
that sending troops of the Self-Defense Forces to the battlefield was based on the idea of peace in the Constitution. The "peace" which he says is "war." Yasukuni Jinja worship of the prime minister is justified through praising the "dead" who bore the act for the once colonial rules and wars of aggression by Japan. And his attitude means that this country deifies the persons killed in present war, and justifies the war.

We do not allow Yasukuni Jinja worship by the prime minister under present Iraq sending-troops regime.
The Koizumi Administration should stop sending troops to Iraq and should stop Yasukuni Jinja worship!

January 1, 2004

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